Why Precise Impression

Increase interaction by intelligently responding to user behavior in real-time.

If you happen to be experiencing any 1 of the 3 scenarios give us a call to see how we can help. 612-655-3606 or complete this form for a demo.

Scenario #1:

I spend a bunch of time and money driving customers to my website, but once they arrive they don’t do what I want them to do.


Am I doing something wrong?


You are not fully taking advantage of your web visitor’s time. You should find a way to influence them to take action in real-time. With Precise Impression, you can do this exact thing!

Scenario #2:

I make data driven decisions, but the process to get from data to an optimized solution takes a long time – bogging down resources and budget.


Is this normal?


Normal, yes. Does it have to be this way, No. Precise Impression analyzes data in real-time, and responds to that data immediately with Smart Effects.

Scenario #3:

I have ideas for how I can improve conversion on my website, but bringing my idea to life is a lengthy and grueling process.


Is there a better way?


Absolutely! If your “idea” is related to modify messaging visible to the user, then Precise Impression is for you. Our interactive backend dashboard provides you the tools to do everything yourself…no more resource meetings to take your idea to the next level.