Increase interactions by intelligently responding to user behavior in real-time.

Precise Impression does not replace analytics, heat mapping, or web optimization solutions you currently use; it supplements them. See the comparison charts below to cross-compare features of popular digital marketing platforms. Our platform introduces new metrics and new optimization concepts that will absolutely become the standard in the data reporting and usability fields.

Analytics Solutions

Traffic Sources Social Monitoring Real Time Data Element Level Tracking
Google Analytics
Chart Beat
Precise Impression

Heat Map Solutions

Heat Map Scroll Map Matrix Map
Crazy Egg
Precise Impression

Web Optimization Solutions

A/B Testing Modify Page Content Real Time Responses
Web Trends
Adobe Test & Target
Precise Impression

  Precise Impression allows you to dynamically inject modals, specific to products/content, onto your page. These modals respond to real time data trends and real time user behavior by popping up when trends match user behavior. In this way, we are modifying page content, but we do not change the visible content on your page until the time is right!