Increase interactions by intelligently responding to user behavior in real-time.

Precise Impression (aka, “PI”) is a SaaS company based out of Minneapolis, MN providing an intelligent mobile web marketing suite which aggregates and analyzes mobile user behavior – reporting on specific website elements tagged by the client – and responds to user behavior in real-time. See How It Works

Why PI?

Companies work very hard to generate traffic to their websites, but once that traffic arrives the company pretty much ignores them. Yeah, some fancy UX people have spent a bunch of time creating the website, and claim that it is designed to maximize user interaction, but this is not a comprehensive strategy.

A real-time response to user behavior is the only strategy for truly improving user interaction on a website. Relying on hopes and prayers when it comes to getting users to take action on key content/products on your website is not ideal. Precise Impression provides a solution that fills this gap. It is very forward thinking in its ability to react to user behavior in real-time.

Companies can, and should, be doing so much more to capture every ounce of interest their customers provide. If you are not actively doing something in real-time to encourage your website visitors to take action, then you’re missing an opportunity; Encourage User Interaction with Precise Impression.

What Precise Impression Isn’t

Precise Impression does not replace analytics, heat mapping, or web optimization solutions you currently use; it supplements them. See these comparison charts for more details.

How It Works

If you want to be strategic with your marketing efforts you need to understand analytics, but understanding data is overwhelming, time consuming, and difficult.

Precise impression conducts data analysis on your behalf, and allows you to promote products/content on your website in reaction to user trends, in real-time. By cross verifying user behavior with aggregated user trends (which are always up-to-date), and leveraging a user’s scroll behavior, Precise Impression knows when to promote content/product on your website. This eliminates the overwhelming, time consuming and difficult process of putting your data to work, enabling an intelligent marketing strategy with ease.

By simply assigning a relationship between a trend and a product, our software knows when to invoke events that encourage mobile users to click on the content/product they are currently viewing.

Precise Impression

Our unique collection methodology reports pre-click and click events within the scope of active tagged elements visible in our proprietary matrix grid overlay. The level of insight this data provides can significantly influence application design and functionality, predictive marketing strategy, and reactive marketing. Our algorithms return user trends that Precise Impression Smart Effects respond to in real-time. Smart Effects that react to trends brings your data to life making Precise Impression a truly unique and effective marketing analytics tool.